Whimsical Creativeness From Archeron: New for 2019 - Posted 24th April 2019

Bring a little outdoors indoors with this nature inspired radiator. Offering a modern and alluring heating solution for your home, Acheron packs a whimsical design. With its dual-purpose mushroom caps this creation enhances any ambience and architecture.

This unique design can be personalised to any colour you desire. Featuring actual grass that has been specifically treated to last for five years, the wildlife elements complete this quirky radiator.
Available in painted RAL, brushed matt stainless or polished stainless and different base choices. The Acheron comes complete with a 10 year guarantee.

For those who love wildlife and the environment, Acheron would be a real nature touch to your home.

Technical information
Product Category: Designer Radiator
Width: 800mm
Height: 1315mm
Warranty: 10 years



New Designs To Launch At ISH 2019 - Posted 15th January 2019

With six new designs to reveal, AEON is excited to be at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt. With a combination of specialist production techniques and innovative design, previous years have charmed many visitors. You will find a stylish, intriguing product showcase which will draw you into the world of sculptural heating.

Inspiration drawn from global architecture and the natural world, paired with the experience and craftsmanship poured into these functional home accessories will inspire the imagination of the homeowner.

The stand will be hosted by Managing Director Saffet Kalender, Director Levent Aci and International Trade Manager, Murat Oguz. The new sculptural heating range will be revealed at Stand A24, Hall 3 on 11th to 15th March.

You can find AEON at stand A24 in Hall 3.

01908 271155

Find out more about ISH here:



We’ve been nominated! - Posted 12th March 2018

At Aeon we are excited to have been nominated for the BKU Award for Best Heating Brand.

Launched in 2015 by Bathroom & Kitchen Update Magazine, the BKU Awards are designed to recognise the retailers, brands, people and services that make our industry great.

We would be very grateful if you would vote for us. There will be five finalists announced for each category and we would love to be one of them.

Simply click here to vote. Thank you for your support.

Voting closes on 28th April 2018. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Thursday 21st June in London. Find out more about the awards here:


BKU Awards

PItacs Christmas and New Year Opening Times - Posted 21st December 2017

We will be holding a stock take during the festive period therefore our operational hours are as follows:

  • Wednesday 20th December - Normal Service
  • Thursday 21st December - Normal Service
  • Friday 22nd December - Normal Service
  • Monday 25th December - Closed Bank Holiday (Christmas Day)
  • Tuesday 26th December - Closed Bank Holiday (Boxing Day)
  • Wednesday 27th December - Stock Take
  • Thursday 28th December - Stock Take
  • Friday 29th December - Stock Take
  • Monday 1st January 2018 - Closed Bank Holiday (New Year’s Day)
  • Tuesday 2nd January 2018 - Normal Service



To find out how this will affect deliveries from our Milton Keynes distribution centre please call the Sales office on 01908 271155 or email

Customer Collections

  • All customer collections will be made available up until 17h00 on the 22nd December provided the order is received by 12 noon on the 22nd December
  • Orders received after 12 noon on the 22nd December will be ready for collection from the 2nd January 2018



New Valves and Accessories range now available - Posted 7th July 2017

We are pleased to showcase a new range of fittings to complement new and existing heating installations.

The products have been added to our Ultraheat and Aeon Valve and Accessory ranges, please talk to your Regional Sales manager to find out more.

We will be releasing a Valves and Accessories brochure shortly.

New Valve

G-Type: New for 2017 - Posted 18th March 2017

The square spiral feature radiator in stainless steel; G-Type is new for 2017. Ideal as a towel warmer in a bathroom, wet room or lavatory to keep a towel comfortably warm.

The unique design features two square swirls, the clean and definite lines give G-Type a strong presence.

Saffet Kalender, Managing Director at AEON: “We are very fortunate to have the technology and the skills needed to bring our designs to life. The craftsmanship behind our products allows us to create something special, each radiator and towel rail is hand finished.”

Unlike many other contemporary designer radiators, AEON designs are crafted with maximum energy efficiency and heat output in mind. Stainless Steel conducts heat 15% better than chrome, enhancing performance and increasing energy efficiency will create long term savings. Our stainless steel is processed and manufactured in such a way that prevents corrosion and rusting which can be seen in inferior chrome products.

A stylish addition to any bathroom, G-Type is available in a brushed and polished finish.

Technical information

Product Category: Vertical Heated Towel Rail
Material: Available in Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel, seen here in a gold finish.
Width: 490mm
Height: 1200mm
Warranty: 10 years

You can find AEON at stand A24 in Hall 3.
01908 271155


New design strikes from AEON Sculptural Heating - Posted 15th March 2017

Stepping away from conventional home heating supply designs, AEON brings a refreshing twist on the towel warmer and radiator to homes everywhere.

Striking in stainless steel, Zig Zag (the M model), new to the AEON Collection stimulates the eyes and imagination. Never seen before in radiator design, the jagged, unpredictable continuous line forms an irregular pattern. Short diagonal bars haphazardly interlink to create strength and visual appeal.

Much like a maze, Zig Zag (M) leads the eye to follow the cleverly designed pointed path. Smooth hand finished edges, provide a smooth premium look and feel welcome in any room daring to be a little bit different.

Inspired by a striking lightning bolt, angular zig zags give energy and dynamism to any interior. Traditional radiators limited to functionality can now have a life of their own.

Like an unexpected bolt of lightning, this design crashes into the radiator industry at ISH 2017.

Technical information

Product Category: Vertical Heated Towel Rail
Material: Available in Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel
Width: 500mm
Height: 1500mm
Warranty: 10 years

You can find AEON at stand A24 in Hall 3.

Zig Zag

Introducing Tirendaz in Gold - Posted 13th March 2017

AEON is delighted to introduce our luxury, hand-crafted radiator Tirendaz in a new elegant gold finish. Tirendaz is one of many items in the AEON Collection available in a choice of finishes.

Designed and manufactured by the company’s own engineering and creative team, using specialist hand-finishing techniques to create it’s symmetrical appearance.
This vertical radiator takes its name from the powerful bows of archers from the Ottoman Empire, who were renowned for their skill and accuracy. Its classic, graceful style will look grand in any living space in the house, including the bathroom.

Made from stainless steel in a polished or brushed matt finish, for its smooth appearance, as well as longevity the material is corrosion resistant, Tirendaz will remain a timeless feature in any room.

Technical information

Product Category: Vertical Heated Towel Rail
Material: Available in Polished and Brushed Stainless Steel, seen here in a gold finish.
Width: 570mm
Height: 1315mm
Warranty: 10 years.

You can find AEON at stand A24 in Hall 3.

Gold Tirendaz

Tudor - Creative Heating Solutions from AEON - Posted 3rd March 2017


All of our Aeon wall mounted towel rails are crafted from stainless steel providing confidence in their strength, hygiene and a smooth touchable finish. Intricate, considered designs to bold, striking centrepieces the Aeon range is expertly produced and finished in intimate detail to the highest design standard. Hand finished by skilled craftspeople using the finest materials and techniques ensures the timeless appeal and functionality of these bathroom heating solutions.

Streamlined with seamless smooth joins, Tudor (pictured) is offered with a choice of three or four horizontal bars, perfect for warming hand and bath towels. Seen here polished to perfection, Tudor is also available in a brushed matt finish. Suitable for electric, central heating and dual fuel options, avoiding any limitation on use or placement of the towel rail.

Proud of what we have accomplished since the launch of Aeon in 2003, we now offer 90 different sculptural radiator and towel rail lines (available in a range of sizes and finishes). Aeon products are fabricated at our in-house workshop which allows us the flexibility to make changes specific to our customers’ requests.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we are confident we can make it for you. If you have the creative vision for a product that just can’t be found, get in touch with us. We have produced bespoke products and one off pieces for designers and architects to compliment specific projects.


We are excited to be unveiling several new designs at ISH 2017, come along and see us at Stand A24, Hall 3 in Frankfurt in March.



Abacus - The radiator sure to light up any room - Posted 23rd February 2017

By day Aeon’s Abacus provides a stylish and unique finish to any room, by night creates a soft, subtle glow and relaxing evening ambience.

 Abacus is available in a range of finishes from a brushed matt silver, gold, red to multi-coloured and more. Featuring 95 coloured sectioned aluminium balls which provide a subtle contrast with the radiator’s ten brushed satin finish stainless steel tubes, the colour combination is your choice.

 The non-toxic paint coating contains special pigments that absorb energy from any light source, converting it into a soft-tone glow at night or when a room is in darkness.  The first design to benefit from this treatment in the AEON range is Abacus, originally intended primarily for children’s bedrooms, rumpus rooms and play rooms, and inspired by the ancient Babylonian computing device of the same name.

 Abacus also incorporates the engineering-led feature which has real aesthetic design benefits and is to be introduced across all wall-mounted AEON designs.  A single point entry 50 mm centre-to-centre valve, sited at the bottom of the radiator, ensures that all pipe work for water entry/exit is hidden.  The compact valve is also rear-mounted, enabling it to be contained within the lines of the radiator, minimising its intrusion into the overall design.  This also enables Abacus to be sited closer to a wall than previous designs, making it suitable for the most confined of rooms.

 AEON Managing Director, Saffet Kalender, says: “Good design does not always have to be a serious affair, it should be fun too!  This radiator ticks both boxes with its new recessed central valve providing aesthetic, engineering and efficiency benefits, and the illuminated balls bringing a smile to the face of all who have seen the design so far, be they children or adults.”

 This design is available in two sizes.  The 1,600 mm tall Abacus features 95 sectioned aluminium balls positioned along its ten brushed satin finish stainless steel tubes.  A shorter 950 mm tall variant has 70 balls.  Customers can specify ball colour and illuminated paint effect, or a simple plain aluminium finish, at time of ordering.

  “The colour permutations are almost endless,” continues Kalender.  “The Abacus balls can be made to glow in a wide range of hues, or can be finished in solid coloured paint without the special energy absorbing pigments that create this effect.”

Discover Abacus here



New designs to launch at ISH2017 - Posted 7th February 2017